I went around 2:30pm and I really enjoyed it. I added gyoza dumplings to the lunch combo, and it tasted better than the ramen I used to eat in Japan.
Dr. Suzanne Chan
Love the simplicity of the menu and yet so many choices. Something for everyone!!
IDreamy261 1
I loved spicy tonkutsu Ramen and also Homemade pork Gyoza . Can’t wait to go back!!!
Sophie Choudin
A good, quick and efficient courteous welcome in a small, warm room. The dishes are good and above all very generous. We left with the rest in take away without problem.
Ben Sahle
This is place is a palace. The service is god damn amazing. The food unbelievable. Listen I have had ramen on each coast and pretty much every city in between and this place is beyond a doubt a head of all of them. Order the sake. Tip well. Enjoy the food.
David Pierre Toussaint
My favorite dish is the beef ramen the broth is rich in flavor and the beef melts in your mouth.. I work close by so I’m always over here
Kam Cheng
Pretty authentic, quick service, and reasonable price